I’ve gone through the eating everything and anything stage; chips, cake, donuts, burgers, all the other yummy things in the world… but then I’ve also gone through the eating nothing phase where I lived on meal replacement shakes to try and ditch all the excess weight I gained from the prior.

Neither stage were good for my health and my weight yo-yo’d for many years. Recognising that, my diet is now a lot more balanced. Day to day I try and eat relatively healthily incorporating nutritionally rich foods into my diet but then I also don’t punish myself when I fancy that brownie.

As a foodie, I personally love seeing what other people eat and these posts / videos are some of my favourite so I thought you might like to see what I ate yesterday…. 



I generally stick to cereal or porridge during the week so when it gets to the weekend I tend to crave something hot and a bit more exciting. Omelettes are my go-to breakfast choice because they're so quick and easy; yesterday I threw in some chorizo, red pepper, mushrooms, spinach and red chilli. It was reaaallly tasty! I washed it down with a strong cuppa tea (if anyone cares, I use almond milk) and I always 'treat myself' to some apple & mango juice on the weekends. 


I love brown rice but am always on the lookout for other carb or grain alternatives. I discovered these Jamie Oliver grain pouches in my local supermarket a few months ago and tend to stock up whenever they're on offer. There are so many different varieties and the flavour combinations and textures are great. Yesterday I went for the Sweet Chilli Spelt paired with some grilled chicken and steamed kale. 


The fridge was looking pretty bare so we decided to eat out for dinner. We took a trip to the nearby Westfield Shepherds Bush and as always, I was overwhelmed with the many, many options. I'm a nightmare when it comes to deciding on where to eat but I wanted to try something new so we eventually decided on Pho and... wow, it was amazing! I went for the Pho Chin which is the traditional recipe with brisket; it was fresh, really flavoursome and tasted really authentic! 


I've been a massive fan of Ella - from Deliciously Ella - for years and so when I heard she was launching her own energy balls, I couldn't wait to try them. I demolished (very quickly) the Cacao and Almond variation and can't wait to try the other flavours!

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