My handbag is either one of two things, overly cluttered with scrumpled up receipts from weeks and weeks ago or it’s pristine with only a handful of essential things in it. There is no in-between.

I think the size of the bag itself can aid in which way it goes. If I’ve got a big bag, I will choose to fill it with useless stuff that I really don’t need to lug around and if I have a small bag, I can’t even fit my proper purse in there.

I got given this beautiful handbag from my boyfriend for Christmas and I’m in love with it. Possibly more than any other bag before. Due to that, I’m trying really really hard to keep it looking nice and have made a conscious effort not to just chuck in grubby makeup or accidentally leave fruit to go mouldy in there (I know, I’m gross, sorry!)

Firstly, as much as I would love to say it's the real deal (e.g. the Chloe Faye bag), it's not, it's just a gorgeous look-a-like.

Now, for the good part, let's see what's lurking inside...

Michael Kors Card Holder - This bag isn't big enough for my normal purse so I'm currently using this card holder for my debit card, driving licence and of course, my Boots Advantage Card (sticking to my new years resolution!) There also tends to be a few crumpled up receipts from weeks and weeks ago in there too.

Pea Snacks - I make sure to always have some sort of snack with me just in case I get HANGRY and at the moment I'm obsessed with these pea snack crisp things... I don't think they'll last very long in my bag.

My Keys - I've never been one to have loads of key-rings on my keys and have stuck to this floral one from Warehouse for years.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses - these sunglasses come with me wherever I go, either to help block out the sunshine or to mask a terrible hangover...

Compact Mirror - I tend to be the girl who has lipstick on her teeth so this mirror is crucial for day-to-day.  

My iPhone - as much as I hate to admit it, I couldn't live without my phone, I'm pretty much surgically attached to it at all times.

My Headphones - if I'm not down for eavesdropping peoples conversations on the tube then these come in handy...

Oliver Bonas Alphabet Makeup Bag which is filled with:

M.A.C Taupe Lipstick - this is my go-to every day lip colour w/ the below.

M.A.C Cultured Lip Liner.

Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick - I always have some sort of statement lip in my handbag just in case spontaneous evening plans occur.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, Cotton Pads & Cotton Buds - they always come in handy, especially aiding with the above.

Hairband & Hair Clips. 


I'd love to know what's lurking in YOUR handbag!