I've followed Niomi Smart ever since she launched her blog, and then later her Youtube channel, and am a massive fan (you may recognise her from my recent blogpost on my fav Youtubers!)

Niomi covers a range of topics over on her channels but the uploads that always appeal to me are her 'What I eat in a Day' videos. When she announced she was launching a cookbook dedicated to wellness and healthy eating, I was overjoyed! Day-to-day Niomi is a LOT healthier than I am and follows a plant based diet, however I do try and have a relatively balanced diet - everything in moderation I say. 

I bought Eat Smart a few weeks ago and have loooooved flicking through, it's such a beautifully illustrated book with lots of different recipes; breakfast on-the-go and easy snack ideas to cover just a few. 

I love eating, full stop. Eating out is one of my favourite hobbies (if you can call it one) but cooking is also something I love to do in my spare-time so I thought I'd give a recipe a try for you.

It was hard to pick which one because they all sound really tasty but finally settled on the Mexican Wild Rice Lettuce Wraps....

I'd definitely recommend it, most ingredients I already had in the fridge, prep was fairly easy and it tasted absolutely delicious! Can't wait to scoff the leftovers.

P.S. Be kind, I'm no Delia Smith. 

       If only mine looked as pretty....... it tasted  DELICIOUS  though! 

      If only mine looked as pretty....... it tasted DELICIOUS though!