Bags and shoes are alright but coats and jackets are my thing. MASSIVE thumbs up from me. As much as I hate the bitter cold, every year I can't wait for winter to roll around so that I can wear not only the coats I own but it also gives me an excuse to invest in one or two more.

I spent my younger years following jacket / coat trends of the season and have tried out loads of different styles. Some of which were great, others which really weren't. Since, I've now narrowed it down to a few check boxes that need to be filled when I'm on the search for a new coat or jacket

It needs to be a wearable shade, it needs to stand alone as a fashion item and it needs to be a good length on my frame. Sounds easy enough but it's really really not.

Here I'm going to show you the top four coats in my current collection:

All of the above coats are from years and years ago so I unfortunately can't link them for you but hopefully it'll give you a bit of inspiration.

However, here's where they are all from just in case they have alternatives:

Zara - Black Coat w/ Fur

Zara - Khaki Coat

Primark - White & Black Coat 

Zara - Maroon / Burgundy Coat 

..... if you couldn't already tell, Zara does coats very well in my opinion.

I'm now on the lookout for the perfect leather jacket, and also maybe a long camel number. Any suggestions, let me know!


Photos by the lovely Chloe Knott: InstagramBlog