I've never been one to religiously follow fashion trends. When I was a teenager, I had too much 'puppy fat' to rock the styles I loved (e.g. crop tops) and although I dabbled a bit throughout my tween years, now that I've firmly entered my 'mid-twenties' I don't have the disposable income to keep revamping my wardrobe each season with the newest key pieces. 

That aside, I do very much appreciate trends and the influence they have and often find myself incorporating a few aspects or items into my wardrobe one way or another. 


This trend is for the bold. I outright praise the ladies that can rock the full length leopard print coats or contrasting animal print combos. However, if done wrong, this trend can easily turn out to look very Pat Butcher-esque which is far from ideal. If you don't have the guts to do the full hog (or cat), I suggest adding subtle touches with your accessories. Perhaps a clutch or scarf to start and then notch it up if / when you feel more confident. 


This trend is incredible because it's so accessible and easy to put together. I can guarantee that 98% of women out there own a white t-shirt which already puts you in an automatic advantage. And if you're one of the 2% that don't, just steal your boyfriends / flatmates / other. A white t-shirt is such a versatile piece but really helps to transform and elevate a simple slip dress, or any other dress for that matter.


This trend will forever be my favourite visually. Have you ever been in a situation where you've been prancing around in your room in your underwear frantically trying to find something to wear that day / night? I definitely have, many many times. Well, this trend kind of solves that problem and whoever started this trend is a genius in my eyes. Any excuse to wear PJ's to dinner. Note: this probably means I should start investing in some silky numbers for the boudoir rather than stealing my boyfriends oversized t-shirts. 


I won't lie, I've never really been that into pink. Black is my favourite colour, tone, whatever... however as much as I hate to admit it, all these pinky blush tones are starting to catch my eye. Pink is everywhere at the moment, jumpers, coats, accessories so I doubt it'll be too long before I cave and a pop of pink enters my monochrome wardrobe. 


Any excuse to wear something uber soft against your skin, am I right?! Velvet has come back a storm and is seen across the highstreet as well as the catwalk in sumptuous jewel tones, gothic jet black and many more shades.  If you’re not brave enough to go the full whack with a head-to-toe velvet jumpsuit, there are lots of alternative options for you to explore. Why not try out some velvet ankle boots to start? 


Stars are EVERYWHERE right now and it is definitely my favourite trend of the season. I’m not usually one for bold prints but I’ve bagged myself a few starry items recently which I can’t stop wearing! The signature rockstar motif is back for yet another season and is featured across the board; homeware, jewellery and clothing. Whether you go big or small, make sure you inject a bit of twinkle into your wardrobe.  


I think knee high boots are gorgeous and I’m forever on the lookout for the perfect pair but I can’t deny that every time I think of them the image of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman pops into my head! Oh Julia! Knee high boots are so versatile and come in a multitude of styles and colours; rock them with a pair of skin tight jeans or a floaty feminine dress and they will completely transform an outfit and instantly make you seem a bit more put together. 


I honestly feel like stripes will never go out of fashion and I’m so happy about that. A striped t-shirt, black jeans and some ankle boots are my ‘lazy day’ / ‘playing it safe’ uniform but stripes are much more versatile than that. Designers are not only staying true to the Parisian chic stripes that we’re all familiar with but I’m noticing more unusual styles popping up too; asymmetric stripes, wacky colours, textures etc. Long may they reign. 


This trend comes back round every few years or so but if I’m honest, I’m still slightly traumatised over the brown shearling accented boots that I rocked a few years ago. They were hideous and they've since taught me never to impulse buy shoes. Anyway, fast forward to now and the shearling is back. You’ll find it on gilets, leather jackets, accessories and no doubt more. I’m actually wearing a shearling gilet as I type this and it’s almost as if I have a sheep giving me a snuggly cuddle. Heaven. 


Make sure to stay tuned for an upcoming post where I'll share some of my high-street picks so you can incorporate these styles into your every day wardrobe.